• Overview

    This D.I.Y Wall Bed Hardware Kit is suited for the experienced cabinetmaker.

    The D.I.Y Wall Bed Hardware Kit comes with all of the hardware you need to make your own Wall Bed using the timber material of your choice. The D.I.Y Wall Bed Hardware Kit consists of the spring lifting mechanism, springs, bed legs, bed leg connector rods, fixing hardware and assembly instructions which include timber cutting information.


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    • The D.I.Y Wall Bed Hardware Kit is made up of the following:
    • (A) Counter Balanced - Spring Loaded Lift Mechanisms.
    • (B) Complete Leg Assembly - Trip FreeĀ© Legs with new, segmented Leg Connector Bar; patent pending.
    • Provides all hardware and fittings to completely assemble the cabinet, install the mechanisms, and install leg assembly.
    • Complete, step by step instructions.
    • 18 page manual includes cut lists and assembly instructions for Single/Twin, Double/Full and Queen beds.

    Our mechanisms are the most heavy duty in the Wall bed Industry. The larger rivet, mounted in lubricated brass bushings make this mechanism the strongest and most reliable. Steel protective covers (not plastic) insure years of safe operation.

  • What we offer EXTRA in this product that others at comparable prices do not:

    • Heavy-duty spring lift mechanism
    • Safety Steel Mechanism Covers
    • Complete Cabinet Assembly Hardware
    • Complete Leg Assembly with patent pending Leg Connector Rod
    • The complete instruction manual