• Transform Your Space

    WallBeds Australia have a variety of pull down beds that can fit into your décor and serve as a great alternative to that old sofa bed that takes up valuable floor space..
  • Transform Your Space

    WallBeds Australia have a variety of pull down beds that can fit into your décor and serve as a great alternative to that old sofa bed that takes up valuable floor space..
  • Transform Your Space

    WallBeds Australia provide space saving bed solutions that transform your spare room or office. Have all the space you need during the day and the bed down for the night. .
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Comfortable & Easy To Use Wall Beds

At WallBeds Australia, we believe that even an occasionally used bed should be as comfortable as your own bed. Do away with the old fold out sofa bed, even do away with your large bulky floor bed that just takes up valuable space in your room and embrace the smarter way to save space with a wall bed. Wall beds come in all bed sizes and can easily accommodate any mattress size, enjoy a good night’s sleep on your full-size Murphy Bed systems wall bed today.



Wall Beds are quick & effortless

WallBeds Australia have taken the chore out of making up a spare bed for a guest or family member, you can now have a ready-made wall bed at a moment’s notice! All our wall beds come in a range of bed sizes and have been designed so you can leave on your sheets, pillows and doona. Simply lower your wall bed & you are with a ready to go in seconds. When you're finished, conveniently fold your wall bed away effortlessly! It’s so easy and simple to use, our Murphy Bed wall bed systems wall bed.



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Murphy Bed Wall Bed Systems Hardware

Across the whole range of wall bed sizes, Murphy Bed Wall Bed Systems have improved the hardware over the years including the strength of the frame and the load baring potential of the counterbalance system. These benefits have enabled the owner to come up with a variety of ways to disguise the face of the wall bed when folded away. With the capacity to take a lot of weight, owners have attached mirrors, flat screen televisions and now Murphy Bed Wall Bed Systems have even created a Studio Desk that attached to the front of your wall bed and the lowers in such a way that you do not have to take your items off the desk!  

WallBeds Australia Mattress

The WallBeds Australia Mattress is designed specifically to be used on our range of Murphy Bed Wallbed systems wall beds. WallBeds Australia pocket coil mattress has up to 3000 springs sewn into individual fabric pockets. Combine this with a 2 cm gel memory foam, our mattresses offer great comfort and support. The topper is made from fireproof linen fabric and contains a 1 cm foam base. Each mattress is vacuum-packed and shipped in a wheeled cardboard box that makes it easy manoeuvre. 

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WallBeds Australia can provide you with a full ready to assemble flat pack across our range of wallbeds. Or alternatively we can supply you with the mechanism only and full cut list to build your own wallbed system.

Contact us with your project requirements and we will send you a comprehensive and competitive quote. Installation available in some areas. Training is also available for volume purchases

Have any of your customers expressed interest in wall beds? Do you want to differentiate from your competitors? Then contact us for further information in becoming a WallBeds Australia Distrbutor.

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Wall bed specialists, WallBeds Australia have the ideal space saving fold away bed solution for you. The functionality, the comfort and flexibility of a wall bed is quite astounding! WallBeds Australia provide compact folding wall beds that transform your space from something that looks stylish during the day to something which is both practical and comfortable at night, in just a few seconds! They are very creative by design the Murphy Bed to easily integrate into your wardrobe, media centre, home office and generally any place in your property.

Whether you are renting a property, own a new house, exploring the option for a tiny house or perhaps you are in the middle of renovating. Our fold away wall beds can be built-in to look like a wardrobe or in the style of a bookcase, whatever suits your needs. If you are concerned about low ceilings in your property then WallBeds Australia can provide you with horizontal or side mounted wall bed that take up less vertical space! How clever is that! Your kids might have friends over to stay. Where will their friends sleep? A convenient wall bed is ideal for accommodating you in such a situation.

Our wall beds can be finished in such a way that the face of it, when folded away, suits your preferred style for a space. We have a range of style options that can accommodate a variety of existing interiors so that there is continuity throughout your space.

History Of The Wall Bed

The Murphy Bed was invented in the early 1900's by William Lawernce Murphy. It is believed that the wall bed was invented due to the moral code of the time where it was frowned upon to entertain a woman in a man’s bedroom. The crafty Mr Murphy then set about working on ways to hide away his bed to overcome this. After several assorted designs and bed sizes he came up with the pivot and counter balanced wall bed. To this day Mr Murphy's wall bed design is still the basis for all fold away wall beds today. They are also know by many different names such as, hidden bed, tilt away bed, bed in the wall, off the wall bed to name a few. In the modern day now where space is at a premium or more people are working from home, we have seen the resurgence in popularity of the wall bed.