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    The NeXt Bed is one of the most modern and efficient wall bed designs to date. Designed for everyday use, this is the perfect space-saving solution. Whether it is used as a primary bed or guest bed.

    Constructed from lightweight steel and easy spring lift operation allows the user to manoeuvre the bed up and down with minimal effort While the sprung slatted base provides maximum support to the shape of your body.

    Once secured to either the skirting or the floor, the NeXt Bed has the flexibility to operate as a freestanding wall bed independent of any cabinetry. The NeXt Bed is available in Single, Double and Queen sizes.

    The NeXt Bed Cabinet

    Our NeXt Bed cabinet is delivered ready for you to put together and install yourself or by a tradespersons if required. The flat pack is inclusive of all of the cabinetry and hardware needed for you to build your wall bed. The modular style of the optional side bookcases makes it easy to select the combination to suit your available space.

    Personalise your NeXt Bed Cabinet. Measure your space, select your wall bed size, and additional bookcases if required. Select a single colour or a combination of colours from our colour range.

    Mattress Information

    • Without any cabinetry the NeXt Bed can accommodate a mattress up to 30cm
    • The recommended mattress thickness for the NeXt Bed in the cabinet is up to 27cm

    Pricing information is located under the Pricing/Measurement Tab
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    • Laminated, steam bent wood slats support the mattress for maximum comfort.
    • Can be easily fixed to the skirting board or floor. So no need for holes in the walls.
    • Fast and easy Assembly:  Clear instructions. Can be assembled in one hour or less.
    • Off white wear reistant industrial powder coat finish.

    • Design: Attractive, High-tech tubular steel construction with specially tooled insert tubes in the main frame. Very high structural strength frame, yet light and easy to operate. 
    • Footprint: Very small - only 400mm projection from the wall . Cabinet cut list is included with each NeXt Bed.
    • Price: As with our other wall-bed hardware systems we offer a competitive price. 
    • Automatic Leg Extension as NeXt Bed is lowered.
    • Concealed spring system is easily accessible to add or take away springs to allow the use of any weight mattress and still be perfectly counterbalanced.
    • Sizes: Single/Double and Queen.
    • Transport: The Single NeXt Bed is packed into two cartons while the Double and Queen are packed into 3 cartons.

    • Smallest Footprint of any Wall bed - Less than 400mm with a standard mattress!
    • Steel Spring Covers for a Safe and Finished appearance.


    • Automatic, self-extending Legs with protective floor caps.
    • Finger-tip Up and Down operation (the best balanced Wall bed in the industry.
    • Base Board mount for no ruined floors or walls or ripped carpet.


    • Mattress floats on laminated supports for greater comfort.
    • Use ANY mattress, including memory foam, for a lasting pleasant sleep experience.


    • 7 Years on manufacturers defects. Misuse, abuse, or damage by misapplication are not covered.
  • NeXt Bed Euro Bed Frame Only Measurements

    • Frame Size: H x W x D
    • Single: 2030 x 910 x 400
    • Double: 2030 x 1390 x 400
    • Queen: 2140 x 1510 x 400

    Without any cabinetry the NeXt Bed can accommodate a mattress up to 30cm

    NeXT Bed Euro Bed Frame Protrusion Measurements

    • Protrusion into the room measurements when the bed is down.
    • These measurements are variable based on the mattress thickness.
    • The following measurements are based on a minimum mattress depth of 20cm up to a maximum measurement of 30cm.

    • Single: Min 2108 - Max 2159
    • Double: Min 2108 - Max 2159
    • Queen: Min 2184 - Max 2286

    • WallBeds Australia NeXt Bed Cabinetry Measurements

      • Cabinetry Size: H x W x D
      • Single: 2200 x 1032 x 450
      • Double: 2200 x 1512 x 450
      • Queen: 2200 x 1660 x 450

      The recommended mattress thickness for the NeXt Bed in the cabinet is up to 27cm.