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  • Alpha Bed ™ Murphy Wall Beds Systems Steel Frame and Spring Mechanism 


    Our Alpha Bed™ Murphy wall bed systems is a lightweight, universal, structural steel wall bed frame with double overlap steel stiffeners. The design is complete with our fold-away leg system and is designed to exceed the strength of wood or aluminium as well as residential and commercial wall bed specifications. Our Alpha Bed™ wall bed frames are made for use with all bed size, Single, Double, Queen, or King size beds and the versatility of the design gives the user the option to mount the frame in the vertical or horizontal.


    All bed sizes of the Alpha Bed™ Murphy wall bed systems include our heavy duty, universal, easy-operation lift mechanisms. Designed for everyday use, this mechanism allows for varying spring combinations to balance all bed sizes Single through King, and creates easy fingertip operation.


    The WallBeds Australia Mattress is designed specifically to be used on our range of Murphy Wall Bed Systems wall beds. The WallBeds Australia pocket coil pillow top mattress is 25cm in depth and has up to 3000 coil springs sewn into individual fabric pockets. Combine this with a gel memory foam and pillow top, our mattresses offer great comfort and support. 

    All you need to keep in mind when you are either purchasing a WallBeds Australia mattress or retaining your existing mattress is that the Murphy Wall Bed Systems Alpha Bed cabinet recommended mattress thickness should not exceed 30cm. This will allow sufficient room for the all the linen and bedding to remain on the wall bed when closed.


    WallBeds Australia Ready to Assemble Murphy wall bed systems wall beds has taken the Australian wall bed market by storm. With our ability to freight our wall beds to almost all corners of Australia and with the Ready to Assemble wall bed Flat Pack coming in all bed sizes the choice is clear. The wall bed Flat Pack is inclusive of the Steel Wall Bed Frame, Spring Lift Mechanisms plus all the wall bed cabinetry you will need to create your Murphy Bed Wall Bed Systems Alpha Wall Bed.

    To complete the office or study WallBeds Australia have created a wide range of side cabinetry options that complement the Alpha wall bed. There is now also the Studio Desk option that turns your wall bed into a functional home office space without the need for an extra desk taking up valuable floor space.  

    Variation to our standard size is also possible to suit your room size, however extra charges will apply for any variation WallBeds Australia standard measurements. The Alpha wall bed cabinetry is available in a range of colours, please go to the Build Your Bed for these options.

    Alpha Bed Vertical Cabinetry Dimensions - Excluding bookcase options 

    Single - 1123mm W x 2087mm H x 410mm D - Protrusion of bed door panel into room when open:2150mm

    Double  - 
    1505mm W x 2087mm H x 410mm D - Protrusion of bed door panel into room when open:2150mm

    Queen - 
    1658mm W x 2215mm H x 410mm D - Protrusion of bed door panel into room when open:2285mm

    King - 2066mm W x 2215mm H x 410mm D - Protrusion of bed door panel into room when open:2285mm

    Alpha Bed Horizontal Cabinetry Dimensions - Excluding bookcase options 

    Single -  2028mm W x 1187mm H x 410mm D - Protrusion of bed door panel into room when open:1258mm

    Double - 2028mm W x 1567mm H x 410mm D - Protrusion of bed door panel into room when open:1637mm

    Queen - 2155mm W x 1721mm H x 410mm D - Protrusion of bed door panel into room when open:1791mm


    • HEAVY DUTY STEEL FRAME: Engineered to outperform aluminium or wood components. Rugged, lifetime durability.
    • PRECISE: Takes the guesswork out of wall bed manufacturing and assembly.The exact equation to bring the cabinet and the lift mechanism together.
    • COMPACT: Reduces the cabinet depth to 406mm or less. Eliminates protrusions and saves valuable floor space.
    • LIGHTER AND STRONGER: Remove up to 45kg from some systems and have a stronger, more precise product.
    • ADAPTABILITY: Specifically engineered for use with leading wall bed mechanisms. No guesswork on hole drilling to combine the frame with the lift mechanism.
    • VERTICAL OR HORIZONTAL: The frame is precision machined to not only adapt to various mechanisms, the frame also is interchangeable as a vertical or horizontal bed.
    • STRENGTH AND LOAD: Three stiffeners ensure the strongest bed base possible. Stiffeners are notched to overlap the frame for maximum load bearing. Test to 907kg dead weight load.
    • TRIP-FREE© FOLD-AWAY LEG: No strings or cords. A leg system similar to systems costing many times more. A touch of the finger and in seconds the leg and the bed fold away.
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty on manufacturers defects.


    • SPACE AGE HEAVY DUTY MECHANISM: Designed for every day use in residential or commercial installation. Balances with fingertip control for ease of operation. Mounts to vertical side walls of cabinet.
    • ADJUSTABLE TENSION TO BALANCE: Apply varying spring combinations to balance all bed sizes, Single through King, vertical or horizontal mount.
    • DURABILITY: Tested to perform thousands of cycles without failure.
    • COMPACT: Needs only 25mm or cabinet width on each side.
    • STRENGTH AND LOAD: Will handle all sizes of beds and the mattresses needed for ultimate comfort.
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty on manufacturers defects. Misuse, abuse, or damage by misapplication are not covered.

  • Modern Range

    Mountain Pepper - Matt

    New Antique White - Matt

    Classic White - Texture

    Marina Grey - Matt

    Premium Range

    Classic White - Sheen / Matt

    Cafe Cream - Sheen

    Crema Lini - Matt

    Shannon Oak - Sheen / Matt

    Provence Wood- Matt

    Cavia Lini - Sheen

    Parchment - Matt

    Artisan Oak Matt

    Natural Oak Matt

    Soft Walnut Matt

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