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    Mattress not included, frame only.

    We are proud to be introducing the NeXt Bed™ to the market it is the most modern and efficient design the Wall-Bed business has seen yet. The development of this new product is inspired by the growth of the Murphy wall bed business and the industry’s need for a better designed wall bed system. 

    Growth in Europe strongly indicated that there was a need for a simple bed mechanism with a slatted mattress base. With Murphy Bed's associates in the USA, Europe and Asia, we decided to create a global product that would retain many of the features of the old Murphy Bed but offer the user a vastly improved and more comfortable sleep system. Nothing had been done to improve or re-think the 100 year old Murphy concept to bring it into modern light - until now! What for decades was an iron contraption with a flimsy mattress foundation and cheap materials now has an engineering and aesthetic make-over: Welcome NeXt Bed™ the new global product.

    The NeXt bed has been specifically engineered to operate as a stand-alone wall bed that does not require any cabinetry to operate. The counterbalanced spring assembly which is located at the front of the bed gives the bed the freedom to achieve this. You can either mount the base of the bed frame to your skirting of your wall or alternatively fix the bed to your floor.


    The WallBeds Australia Mattress is designed specifically to be used on our range of Murphy Wall Bed Systems wall beds. The WallBeds Australia pocket coil pillow top mattress is 25cm in depth and has up to 3000 coil springs sewn into individual fabric pockets. Combine this with a gel memory foam and pillow top, our mattresses offer great comfort and support. 

    All you need to keep in mind when you are either purchasing a WallBeds Australia mattress or retaining your existing mattress is that the Murphy Wall Bed Systems NeXt Bed recommended mattress thickness in a WallBeds Australia NeXt Bed cabinet should not exceed 25cm. This will allow sufficient room for the all the linen and bedding to remain on the wall bed when closed.

    If the NeXt Bed is being used without cabinetry than the mattress should not exceeding 30cm.

    NeXt Bed Frame Only Dimensions - (excluding cabintery) 

    910 W x 2035 H x 400 D - Protrusion into room with bed down: Minimum 1870 – Maximum 2040  - frame only

    1390 W x 2035 H x 400 D - Protrusion into room with bed down: Minimum 2010 – Maximum 2190  - frame only

    1510 W x 2145 H x 400 D - Protrusion into room with bed down: Minimum 2125 – Maximum 2305 - frame only

    NeXt Bed Cabinetry Dimensions - Excluding bookcase options

    Single -  1032 W x 2200 H x 450 D

    Double - 1512 W x 2200 H x 450 D

    Queen - 1660 w x 2200 H x 450 D



    • Smallest Footprint of any Wall bed - Less than 400mm with a standard mattress!
    • Steel Spring Covers for a Safe and Finished appearance.


    • Automatic, self-extending Legs with protective floor caps.
    • Finger-tip Up and Down operation (the best balanced Wall bed in the industry.
    • Base Board mount for no ruined floors or walls or ripped carpet.


    • Mattress floats on laminated supports for greater comfort.
    • Use ANY mattress, including memory foam, for a lasting pleasant sleep experience.

    • Laminated, steam bent wood slats support the mattress for maximum comfort.
    • Can be easily fixed to the skirting board or floor. So no need for holes in the walls.
    • Fast and easy Assembly:  Clear instructions. Can be assembled in one hour or less.
    • Off white wear reistant industrial powder coat finish.

    • Design: Attractive, High-tech tubular steel construction with specially tooled insert tubes in the main frame. Very high structural strength frame, yet light and easy to operate. 
    • Footprint: Very small - only 400mm projection from the wall . Cabinet cut list is included with each NeXt Bed.
    • Price: As with our other wall-bed hardware systems we offer a competitive price. 
    • Automatic Leg Extension as NeXt Bed is lowered.
    • Concealed spring system is easily accessible to add or take away springs to allow the use of any weight mattress and still be perfectly counterbalanced.
    • Sizes: Single/Double and Queen.
    • Transport: The Single NeXt Bed is packed into two cartons while the Double and Queen are packed into 3 cartons.

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